Producing up to 350 tonnes of sausages a week is no small task, and ensuring over 700 staff are adhering to strict health and safety guidelines is an even larger task.

Hellers already had an involved health and safety process, with both staff and managers required to submit paper-based reports overall accidents and near misses. A heavily manual process already, these reports were then attached to payroll.

Being a growing company, Hellers staff and facility size continue to increase. Newly-identified hazards needed to be quickly communicated to all staff, with policies subsequently created, implemented and communicated again.

Wanting to stay ahead with technology, Hellers required a health and safety system that was both configurable and scalable. Automating processes was of critical importance, ensuring all health and safety matters ran like clockwork.

Tracking changes, corrective actions and analyse information was also difficult.

A user-friendly system, increasing workplace participation in health and safety and accountability was another requirement.

Summing up the challenge – Hellers needed an automated yet configurable scalable system, that meant policies and practices were followed and staff were involved in health and safety.


Using Assura, Hellers were able to implement a system that enhanced their workforce participation in health and safety and increases accountability.

Drop down lists, tick boxes, and a logical, step-by-step process now make it easy for staff at all levels to use the system, encouraging everyone across the company to take an active role in the maintenance of a safe and healthy workplace.

Hellers health and safety programme is made easier with a transparent view of the organisation. Roles and responsibilities related to health and safety matters are easily assigned, ensuring the right things are done at the right time.

With strong configuration potential, Hellers can easily update where new health and safety risks are, implement corrective actions and communicate with staff. Automating each step means this is implemented faster than before.

The outcome? The Assura platform means Hellers can now take a more forward-thinking approach to workplace health and safety.