We care about making

people’s jobs easier



When you build world-class applications for more than 25 years you learn a few things and evolve as tech does. So we used our experience to build a pretty damn intuitive business management platform. Our customer results prove it.

That’s what gets us going. Making people’s jobs easier is why we come to work each day.

Who We Are?

We wish we had a cool story about being ex-army buddies who decided that running mission critical front-line intelligence and refugee services for the United Nations just wasn’t as fulfilling as we imagined, so instead we decided to come back to the land of our birth and serve the business community with our collective skills and wisdom.

But we don’t have a story like that.

Instead, our story is that we’re a collection of individuals with a range of industry, life skills and qualifications who enjoy providing solutions for businesses.  We’re all good people, except for that one guy (who claims he was fine before he started work here), who are passionate about Assura and delivering the best solutions, not just a solution.

We don’t just pay lip service to the words “Value” and “Solution”, we’ve got a long history of walking the walk.  There is no point in being built like “The Rock” if you don’t understand the physics required to get the most out of the attributes you have for the team.  Likewise, our business is knowing how to make our skills and resources work for you.

We don’t train our people to be good people we only employ good people – we’ve found this to be a handy shortcut.  So our greatest assets really are our people.  They are all problem solvers by nature and have industry qualifications to go with the scar tissue of experience.

We recognise that we’re not perfect (and that mums tell fibs occasionally) and that we need to constantly try to be better at what we do and what we provide.  Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you think we can help we’d love to hear from you.

Developing software for over 25 years

They say the only source of knowledge is experience. We’ve been doing this long enough you could say we know our stuff.


Integrates easily into existing systems and quickly configured to your needs.

Enables Growth

Continuously improve your business efficiency – so you can do more, with less.

Cost Effective

Future-proof with the right system for now, that will grow with you.

Device Agnostic

Easily capture and share information. Whenever. Wherever. Perfectly simple.

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