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Assura software automates manual and everyday processes to improve your business outcomes.
We empower your team by reducing the time they spend on tasks and ensuring timely communication.
Assura has been developing world-class software for over 25 years. Our software is intuitive and device agnostic.

Why our customers love us


Integrates easily into existing systems and quickly configured to your needs.

Enables Growth

Continuously improve your business efficiency – so you can do more, with less.

Cost Effective

Future-proof with the right system for now, that will grow with you.

Device Agnostic

Easily capture and share information. Whenever. Wherever. Perfectly simple.


Assura have been outstanding.
Very responsive, cooperative, and understanding.

South Columbia Irrigation District, Secretary / Manager, John O'Callaghan

The Assura staff are great to work with.
Their developers are very capable and make putting together these processes quite effortless.

South Columbia Irrigation District, Assistant Manager, Eric Dixon

Clients are saving time and money as a result of the new system.
Relevant documents and records are held in one centralised place, and they can also complete an onsite inspection within 10 minutes – without any paperwork.

Trade Assist, Health and Safety Compliance Manager, Facundo Vega

Anzco saw a 50% overall reduction in time to enter/report events and 66% increase in near-miss reporting.


Having Assura as part of our day-to-day operations has enabled us to be far more effective and efficient with our Asset Management and Safety.

Mel Brooks CEO, MHV Water, New Zealand

Integrity and due process is absolutely essential to the work we do. There is reputational and operational risk with any type of case that we investigate.

Jaydene Buckley, Managing Director, OSACO Group

Assura is one of the best programs that we have implemented to effectively maintain and operate our system.

Without adequate tracking and accountability for maintenance work, irrigation districts can quickly fall into a state of disrepair. Assura allows us to ensure that critical work is completed.

Craig Gyselinck, General Manager, Greater Wenatchee Irrigation District.

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