Health & Safety


Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your employees – your organisation depends on your people, and they depend on you

Assura Health & Safety is the future of health and safety management. With intuitive design and mobile capabilities, it is accessible to all and ensures everyone can participate in safety processes. Your solution is configured to match your existing processes and can be easily altered by you as your needs change and evolve. Automated, efficient workflow-based processes take the effort out of identifying, managing and reporting risk, assigns responsibility to where it should be and lets you focus on keeping your people safe.

Fully configurable

Better control & visibility

Easy to implement & use

How are we different?

Assura makes it simple

  • Capture events including incidents, near misses and safety observations
  • Manage the outcomes of events through Assura’s flexible workflow engine
  • Manage hazards through their lifecycle with a focus on minimising risk, and understand the resulting risk profile
  • Manage all corrective actions, ensuring issues are adequately resolved
  • Record, communicate and report on lessons learnt
  • Simplify your document and policy management
  • Record and manage hazardous substances.

Audits, inspections and staff training

  • Take care of your audits, inspections and staff training
  • Manage and record staff induction and training activities, ensuring all staff have up to date licences, qualifications and the competencies they need,
  • Plan and complete audits, from safety inspections to formal external audits, from their initial planning through to completion.

Easily manage contractors and equipment

  • Capture contractor prequalification Information provide a portal for individual contractor responsibility
  • Manage contractor work and performance
  • Manage your equipment including certification, licensing and compliance information.

Straightforward reporting

  • Flexible reporting providing clear views of both proactive lead indicators and reactive lag measures
  • Report at any level of your business.

Trusted by business and government

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