What we do

The Assura solution provides for the efficient management of the day to day running of irrigation districts making the life of managers and staff easier. Staff know what the tasks and assets are, what the priorities are and they don’t need paper to complete them. This in turn allows them and their managers to manage by exception as only the tasks that haven’t been completed are escalated for attention.

Who we are

The person running Assura was the fourth generation on their family farm and saw first-hand how irrigation changed the potential of their land.  So there is an intergenerational appreciation for the importance of water and the contribution it makes at the core of Assura.

The team who implement and support the software are not developers, they’re all good people who understand business and how to get the most out of the software to solve problems for Irrigation Districts.

Assura have been outstanding.
Very responsive, cooperative, and understanding.

South Columbia Irrigation District, Secretary / Manager, John O'Callaghan

The Assura staff are great to work with.
Their developers are very capable and make putting together these processes quite effortless.

South Columbia Irrigation District, Assistant Manager, Eric Dixon

Having Assura as part of our day-to-day operations has enabled us to be far more effective
and efficient with our Asset Management and Safety.

MHV Water, CEO, Melanie Brooks

Assura has provided us with the ability to meet our operational challenges in real time.
And the opportunity to address them in a 21st century environment.

Roosevelt Water Conservation District, General Manager, Shane Leonard

It isn't just the initial ROI, the returns continue to increase
as our compliance and regulatory requirements grow.

MHV Water, CEO, Melanie Brooks

Assura is one of the best programs that we have implemented to effectively maintain and operate our system.

Without adequate tracking and accountability for maintenance work, irrigation districts can quickly fall into a state of disrepair. Assura allows us to ensure that critical work is completed.

Greater Wenatchee Irrigation District, General Manager, Craig Gyselinck

Industry Knowledge

We understand the many challenges facing irrigation districts, with the team at Assura in regular contact with those at the ‘coal-face’ of agriculture and irrigation so they can stay informed and add value to an industry they enjoy.

We understand your challenges and know that a digital solution is needed as experienced staff retire and take with them decades of field knowledge that is very hard to replace.  We also understand that incoming staff are generally younger and more tech-savvy and this fuels the need for digital solutions rather than a manual process.

Through any implementation we will listen more than we speak (that’s why we have two ears and only one mouth) to make sure the solution matches what you need and help train your staff on how to use it.  As standard we also provide unlimited* ongoing support, so we’re always here to help.

So we’re able to speak your language and use the right terminology.  But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our case study, or contact one of our clients who will be a colleague of yours about their experience with us and our solutions.

*Unlimited support is based on a “fair use” policy.

Flexibility & Integration

We understand that Irrigation Districts need a system that can be configured to reflect how they work and one that integrates with their current systems, plus is easy for their staff to use.

Assura provides a number of solutions, including Work Orders/Field reports, Asset Management, Spray Logs and Permitting.  Each of these represents a starting point as Assura is a configurable platform that allows us and you to design your own forms and workflows, to change reports and escalations to reflect how you work.  This ensures faster staff engagement, improved efficiency and a solution that continues to evolve and grow as you change.

Without wanting to get to nerdy, our software is created on a modern platform and adheres to good standards of design.  It also has a fully documented API, so ‘plays nicely’ with other software.

Here are some of the solutions we have provided to irrigation districts;

  • Field Reports from staff and customers
  • Asset maintenance schedules
  • Ability to upload and log images
  • Vehicle inspection schedules and milage tracking
  • Risk registers and Health & Safety solutions
  • Permitting process and purchase orders
  • Chemical management and spray audits
  • Digital work orders
  • Water quality testing recording and scheduling
  • Report generation
  • GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) functionality
  • Water Ordering/Reporting

All of the above said, we also know what we’re not, so if you ask us to provide something that we won’t do well, we will tell you.  We don’t want to waste your time and money, or damage our reputation by doing something poorly.

Longevity and Relevance

Assura Software counts its origins from 1997 and a number of our current clients have been with us since the beginning.  This is a lifetime for a software business and speaks to keeping customers at the centre of what we do and the value that the solution provides.

In 2015 the company had a ‘restart’ with new shareholders bringing experience, money and energy to the business.  This has seen an acceleration of growth and reinvestment in the software to ensure we keep pace with the expectations of the market.

So we aim to ensure that our software and the solutions it provides remain relevant to our customers now and into the future in two ways.

The first is by keeping the software up to date with modern languages, replacing obsolete code and techniques.

The second we achieve by ensuring that our software is highly configurable and so this allows the solutions to grow and change with our customers needs.

Return on Investment (ROI)

We want you to be confident that an investment in Assura represents something that is going to provide a return on that investment and one that continues to deliver as your district evolves.

We know that there is no shortage of work to do at an Irrigation District, so programs you implement should alleviate man-hours that can be spent elsewhere.

The Return On Investment (ROI) by Irrigation Districts using Assura has been realised in the following ways;

  • Time and money is saved with the right people knowing about the right things at the right time. Eg, A customer complaint to office staff is captured, passed to the right person and dealt with in a timely fashion with a minimum of effort.
  • Helps Capture Intellectual Property – As experienced staff retire, or leave a district Assura is a great place to have captured their knowledge about what needs to happen and when across the year so that these things are repeatable and aren’t missed.
  • Minimizes liability and accusations on staff (litigation/insurance claims) because you have captured the information and the work performed in a fully auditable system.
  • Increases efficiency – Managers and field staff know what tasks they need to do, where they need to do them and what has been missed. Eg, While in a location field staff can check to see what maintenance tasks need attending to while there.
  • Improves safety – makes information about a site, or hazard immediately available to staff and allows management to ensure improvements.
  • Better record-keeping – no physical paperwork to keep track of…or lose. Eg, Terrestrial spray reports from the field can be captured on a smartphone with dropdown fields and photos/videos and supplied seamlessly to auditors.
  • Allows for oversight on more assets and subsequent report generation on the state of these assets.
  • Reduces tedious tasks for staff – allows them to focus on tasks that require expertise.

It isn’t just the initial ROI, the returns will continue to increase as compliance and regulatory requirements grow around the management of our assets, our environment and our water quality.

Melanie Brooks, CEO, MHV Water, New Zealand

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