What is the AQUA solution?

The AQUA solution provides for the efficient management of irrigation assets making the life of managers and staff easier. Staff know what the assets are, where they are and what maintenance is due on them. This in turn allows them and their managers to manage by exception as only the tasks that haven’t been completed are escalated for attention.

AQUA Provides

  • More efficient process that means you only manage the exceptions.
  • A more engaged staff.
  • More timely reporting.
  • Reduced insurance claim risk.
  • Return on investment through proactive asset maintenance.
  • Integration with existing systems as required.
  • A flexible system that can evolve as you do.
  • Safety and environmental requirements.

Case Study

“We have been delivering water for over 75 years and managing our assets had never really evolved, we had thrown more paper and more people at it but it hadn’t improved. 

Having Assura as part of our day to day operations has enabled us to be far more effective and efficient with our Asset Management and Safety.

We have streamlined our resourcing, and importantly Assura provides visibility and accountability across the board. Assura has made a material difference to how we operate our business and ensures we will be in a strong position to continue to deliver water for many generations to come.


The Return On Investment (ROI) comes in a number of forms;

  • Being more proactive about the management of our assets and the work our team does on them.
  • Efficiency of staff in recording and acting on the tasks ahead of them, so we’re able to do more, with the same staffing levels.
  • Visibility for management around the work that needs to be done and any safety issues.
  • Staff feeling valued and being given the tools to do their jobs well.

It isn’t just the initial ROI, the returns will continue to increase as compliance and regulatory requirements grow around the management of our assets, our environment  and our water quality.”

CEO – Melanie Brooks

MHV Water, New Zealand

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