The Greater Wellington Regional Council were seeking a new health and safety solution, capable of covering over 1.5 million hectares of land and maritime area. With several industries worth of challenges, they required an easy to use and configurable health and safety system.


Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) required a highly configurable health and safety system to help keep over 450 staff safe across a land and maritime area of over 1.5 million hectares.

The challenge? Staff spread throughout diverse work locations, from country areas, on the boat in the harbour, to being completely remote in the bush.

This includes jobs and tasks in flood protection, pest management, public transport services, harbour navigation and safety, marine pollution, the provision of regional parks, and water supply.

“We needed a system that could cater to a wide range of unique scenarios,” says Matthew Lear, GWRC Health and Safety Manager.

Adding to the challenge was the need for the system to be intuitive. Staff had to pick it up with ease and be comfortable integrating it into their day.

“Above all, our main priority was to support our teams in keeping safe at work,” says Matthew Lear.

Ease of reporting was also required, with both councillors and senior management requiring regular updates on GWRC’s health and safety performance.


Assura’s field-based system now allows staff to report any events or near misses instantly with mobile access, no matter the location.

Investigations into events and near misses are readily completed, with unprecedented organisational insight due to greater visibility offered by Assura’s workflow-centric design.

The right people are doing the right thing, at the right time in follow up tasks. Actual locations of key health and safety resources and risks are readily seen by staff, with worksite visualisation. Reporting GWRC’s overall health and safety performance to councillors and senior management is easier with Assura’s centralised overview.

Assura provided an easy to understand and apply platform, with Matthew Lear saying, “Feedback from staff using the software has also been really positive, with reports coming back to us of how intuitive and accessible it is.”.

To sum it up? Assura provided GWRC with a flexible and intuitive health and safety system, encompassing several dissimilar working environments.