Roosevelt Water Conservation District (RWCD), Arizona, USA is the local governing body responsible for the sustainable production and allocation of water throughout Maricopa County.

There are more than 2,600 customers and landowners located throughout the 40,000 acre District consisting predominantly of residential customers, plus some farmer and industrial customers.

The Challenge

In recent years RWCD has invested significantly in developing leading-edge infrastructure and growing their employees, however many of their systems and processes were reliant on traditional and paper-based solutions. 

The impact of this was becoming increasingly apparent to General Manager Shane M. Leonard.

 “While the district has moved into the 21st century in its facilities and operations, we still used a lot of 20th-century technology for processes and paperwork related to operations and maintenance,” he said. 

Furthermore, RWCD face the ongoing challenge – along with most irrigation districts – of retaining knowledge about assets and tasks as older employees retire.

When there was an incident in the district, such as a breakage, it would usually be reported by telephone. From here a person would spend 10 minutes writing down information to then provide it to one or two additional people. Operations would then determine who needed to be contacted, the liaison department, a lead zanjero or another team member. The process would continue in this manner, consuming excessive time and labour. 

Our Solution

After extensive research, the RWCD introduced the Assura software solution to track incidents in the field. With field reports, or work orders.

As well as their assets in the form of their vehicles, pumps and plants, plus infrastructure maintenance.

The software was specifically configured for their requirements and is accessible by smartphone, tablet, or laptop. At any location and time.

The Results Have Exceeded Expectations

The first year is on track for more than


In Annual Savings


With Improved Field Report Efficiency

Efficiency Continues to Increase

Predicted to Improve More Each Year

Before jobs took 7X longer

A job that used to take 7 days to resolve can now be done in 24 hours

“Assura has provided us with a low-cost alternative with a high-end ROI.
It makes the organization better by streamlining processes and empowering folks to immediately be able to handle incidents that come up. Assura’s invaluable tools bolster employees’ ability to handle issues in the field, track logistics and issues, and provide real-time turnaround.
It is eminently worth it.”

Shane M. LeonardGeneral Manager, RWCD, USA

Management Have Clear Visibility

And are capturing the Intellectual Property stored in the heads of experienced staff.

The Assura solution enables efficiency at every step of the business process.

Assura Provides:

  • Simplified processes and workflow for employees and management
  • Visibility of what is happening and what needs attention
  • Task accountability
  • Return on investment through proactive asset maintenance and efficient use of time and resources
  • A flexible system that can be rapidly configured and evolves with the business 
  • Reduced insurance claim risk
  • A web and smartphone-based solution that can be accessed anywhere, anytime

Assura can create a customized demo for you

Contact: Hamish Howard - Assura CEO

“If you give Assura the opportunity to explain who they are and what they do,
I believe they can provide you with an affordable solution that will deliver big returns and benefits.”

Shane M. LeonardGM, Roosevelt Water Conservation District, USA