We’re working hard and fast to provide new features for our system. As Assura Software’s MD, I’m excited to share our Mobile App Platform Update with you.

Hamish Howard
Managing Director


It’s been a while coming, but the full functionality of Assura is on the move and ready to leave the office.

With you of course.

We’re almost finished testing our new App Platform – and that means you can use Assura anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

It’s been used for about a month by a few customers who are completing the last round of “field” testing for us.

This means we could find and fix bugs in our new system that we wouldn’t have picked up in a standard testing process. Even better, we were able to build our testers feedback and suggestions into our launch version.

So, what’s this “App” thing all about?

We agree, a simple mobile app isn’t very exciting.

But ours? It’s an engine. Once you download the platform, you can build whatever you want.

You can replicate the functionality of our hosted system on Android, Apple and Windows devices, with the security, flexibility and configurability you’re used to.

You can also build multiple apps to suit the role of the user, or the device (responsive to the screen being used). You can simplify our system so that people only see what they need to, to get their job done.

This means you get real-time information to and from your people on the field/ floor/ road – with an interface that’s relevant to the job they’re doing. By removing all the ‘other stuff’, it’s easy for your team to use as you choose.

And the beauty? While your frontend might ‘look’ simpler, your decision makers still get all the information they need and are used to from the Assura Platform.

If you have a good name, we’d love to hear it (seriously). But, in lieu of a better name, we’ll just ‘say what it is on the tin’ – and call it our mobile app builder platform.

We’ll help you take the driver’s seat so you can build and control the apps you need for your business – so you have the admin ability to change the apps you provide your users, or build new ones of your own.

Same flexibility, just on the go

Everything our new App Platform offers is configured off your main Assura installation (or will be if you’re not using us yet).

Now, we’re just available on any ‘screen’ – mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

We’ve built the blocks, so you can pick and choose what suits the unique needs of different businesses – rather than feel like you’re getting whacked with a ‘new code’ bill.

We used to describe our software as a ‘business efficiency swiss army knife’ – now, we’d say it’s like Lego.

You choose the bits, and build it your way.

New App Features Coming Up

Talking with our users in different industries with different needs, we’re working on a bunch of requested features we hope to roll out over the next 16 weeks. The first is an “off-line” mode – where data can be input on site and synced when back online – rather than the good old ‘take notes and add to the system later approach.

If you have any other feature requests we’d love to hear from you – so drop us a line at

What does this mean for you?


For customers who use our platform for Health & Safety the App functionality will be available early June. We will add this to your current contract with no change to any license structure. To implement, our team can work with you on a project basis to assist you in your set up.


This is you if we worked together to create a system specific to your needs. Let’s talk about how our app platform could help you.

If our App Platform sounds like it’ll make stuff even easier in your business, let’s chat about how we best configure for your unique needs.