Centralising information to a new central call centre made it easier for clients, especially younger ones, to access Family Planning services.


To centralise calls from all clinics throughout New Zealand, Family Planning and Assura worked together through several operational challenges – including finding a system that would seamlessly integrate the phone and intranet, track the outcome of each call to make sure appointment requests were not lost, and measure service levels.

Given the nature of Family Planning’s work, the information and skills required to effectively handle appointments is extensive. Call centre managers require knowledge of staff capabilities and availability within each clinic throughout New Zealand.

The full range of procedures available, how and when to access them, plus the sensitivity to deal appropriately with callers about intimate personal issues is also essential. Specialist Family Planning staff operate the client contact centre, including a duty nurse.

Keen to leverage the experience of other organisations who have undertaken similar projects, Family Planning Information Services Manager Simon Crumption and his team made research visits to other health sector call centres.

He particularly wanted a system that was flexible, easy to configure, and had the capability to be extended to meet the future strategic needs of Family Planning.


We helped capture and standardise information and procedures for all clinics, rather than each operate independently.

Next was implementing a system so the right information was easy to find and speed up the appointment making process. We integrated ‘ARTI’ (nicknamed by staff) with their phone system – to track and measure calls for consistent service.

Delivered on time and under budget, management and staff were impressed by the clean interface and just how easy it is to use.

Family Planning Chief Executive, Jackie Edmond, says ARTI helps them make sure clients get the right appointment, with the right person.

“It also let us trial new initiatives such as phone consultations, which is all part of our broader future proofing project.”