Managing multiple parties, changing priorities & keeping everyone in the loop


MWH Recovery needed a robust system to manage the huge demand for repairs after the Canterbury earthquakes. And they needed it FAST.

Managing rebuilds and repairs for Vero and AA Insurance, MWH had a big job. The system built by their parent company to manage the response to other natural events, including Hurricane Katrina, was difficult to adapt to handle the unique Canterbury challenges.

After every damage-causing aftershock there was a spate of new insurance claims, often on the same properties. Areas were constantly being rezoned and fix priorities continuously shifting.

They needed something agile that could handle consistent change and complex processes involving lots of different parties.

We quickly developed a Canterbury Earthquake Reinstatement Management System that was live and ready to go after the most damaging earthquake in February 2011. The system handled claim information lodged with the insurers and linked each claim to the relevant properties, people and work required.


Claims were handled holistically, with the team able to respond in hours, instead of days.

Programme Services Manager, Grant Boore, says being able to coordinate multiple parties and keep people in the loop with automated updates was priceless.

“The rapid design and deployment of this specially-tailored data system meant we could manage our reinstatement capability, and accurately report our progress to clients.”

They also created complex workflows based on defined business rules to keep track of project milestones, invoices and contract management.

The call centre was armed with accurate information to handle most enquiries, taking pressure off stretched project managers. And, everything was tracked and reported.

The outcome? A faster rebuild.