The NZTA were wanting a comprehensive knowledgebase system, capable of being a single point of information for staff and capable of handling up to 120,000 calls per month.


Receiving up to 120,000 calls and emails monthly meant NZTA’s Transport Registry Centre (TRC) needed a new focus on ensuring the right information was found, recorded and given out.

With such a large volume of contact points with customer service staff, the TRC decided a change was needed to help with various information and knowledge issues that were being experienced.

One of these challenges was making sure the right information was given consistently. Customer Service operators were often gathering information from multiple sources, increasing the likelihood of incorrect information being given out.

The potential impact of this? Customer call back rates would increase, creating more phone and email congestion and delays for other customers.

No single point existed for retaining corporate knowledge either. With multiple sources being used, this created uncertainty within call centres meaning higher call escalation rates.

Decreasing training time for unfamiliar staff was also a priority for the TRC, ensuring all staff were up to speed quicker and delivering high-quality information.

To sum it up? The TRC needed a centralised knowledgebase system, ensuring the right information was given, training times were reduced, and internal information collected.


With Assura, the TRC was given a single platform that made information gathering faster, a clearer process for when to escalate calls, decreased training times and lower call back rates.

With the new system, the staff at the TRC are now able to readily and easily access information from a sole source and related to the information request. Staff are now assured that the right information is being consistently communicated.

New knowledge is updated and recorded in the system, allowing staff to readily learn from others as new situations arise. This decreases escalation potential and keeps everyone up to date with additional information and changes.

With the new streamlined process, the first point of call resolution has increased improving the quality of service for callers.

Training times have now reduced, with the system being readily picked up by staff. When first implemented, all customer service staff received a four-hour workshop on how to utilise the system and picked it up with relative ease.

The TRC outcome? A streamlined, easy to find, information-rich customer service knowledgebase system, readily picked up by staff.