Palmerston North City Council and Horizons Regional Council required a comprehensive knowledgebase and workflow management platform with their new After Hours Call Centre with vastly different requirements for each area.


With over 100 different ‘Request for Service’ forms, both Palmerston North City Council and Horizons Regional Council required a robust and configurable system to streamline their new After-Hours Contact Centre.

Substantial amounts of data would also need to be pulled from each council to ensure processes were streamlined correctly. This data would also need to be standardised, and in a searchable format.

With each different ‘Request for Service’ form, a new process had to be defined and created to match the different process for each council. An example was information required for noise complaints and the follow-up steps employed by each council.

Given the different areas the Councils operated in, a critical success factor was for after-hours staff to be able to handle any call regardless of the origin of the calls; whether in Wanganui or Palmerston North.

Knowledge and information had to be easily accessed to handle thousands of calls each month, with staff providing faster resolution times.

With staff located in different regions, the system needed to be readily picked up and easy to understand, ensuring training was minimal.


With Assura’s help, the contact centre now solves 92 percent of calls on the first point of contact. This significantly reduces the burden on day staff and exceeds customer expectations significantly.

Interactions between the call centre and a customer is tracked from start to finish. Events can also be associated with one another, allowing all available information to be seen when multiple calls are made about one issue.

Staff now use the system with absolute ease, with new ‘Request for Service’ forms being developed within minutes by themselves.

Processes, both old and new, were able to be easily configured within the new system in minutes. Changes can now be made readily, without the need for complicated and costly customisation.

To sum it all up? Better outcomes on the first call, readily available knowledge, an easily understood system and hundreds of processes easily implemented.